Two cases before the criminal court of Kortrijk on 29 February 2012

Case 1

"The judge sentenced the man to an effective fine of 100 euros and a damage compensation of 65,651 euros. The man from Harelbeke was acquitted for distributing music and movie files for profit."


Case 2

"A soldier of 48 was condemned to a prison sentence of eight years for molesting seven children in the nursery of his wife in Klerken. The offender must also pay more than 37,000 euros as damage compensation to the victims and their parents."


The Church of Kopimism

The Church of Kopimism is officially registered by the Swedish government. For the church, "information is holy and copying is sacrament." Worshipers can participate in kopyactings, in which kopimists share information "through copying and remix."  Founder Isak Gerson hopes it's "one step towards the day we can live out our faith without fear of prosecution."


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