Unsavory English libel law makes more victims

After the trials against Simon Singh, I continue to follow news about this law. The main victim stays of course the freedom of speech. The last human victim is Labour politician Sally Bercow with a threat against her. She is sued by Sir Andrew Green and his anti-immigration group "Migration Watch UK".

The offending sentence is as follows: "This right wing think tank Migration Watch has conducted a study which has revealed that youth unemployment is down to migration which is obviously grossly simplistic. The main reason for youth unemployment is the recession which was caused by the bankers and the bankers are more responsible than the migrants, and it’s fairly dangerous propaganda this kind of story. It is exactly what Mosley said in the 30s and Hitler argued in Germany."

Sally Bercow will be defended by e.g. David Allen Green, in the blogging world better known as "Jack of Kent". In his blog he gives more information about this case and the legislation around it in general: http://jackofkent.blogspot.com/2010/10/defending-sally-bercow.html

Another link about this case: http://blog.indexoncensorship.org/2010/10/01/breaking-news-breaking-news-sally-bercow-threatened-with-libel-action/.
Libel trials seems to be a very attractive business for English solicitors. They even advertise on the Internet for it. See for instance http://www.libel-law.co.uk/


Update October 7, 2010

Exactly four days after David Allen Green announced he should defend Sally Bercow, "Migration Watch UK" drops its complaint. Conclusion: it was pure harassment. See http://jackofkent.blogspot.com/2010/10/breaking-migration-watch-drop-libel.html